that’s me

I love to study beauty in all its forms, and to custom fit it like a tailor to the desires of my clients. I love what I do because it lets me explore materials, shapes, colours and people and draw the very best out of each element to combine them all in a whole that’s loaded with charm and emotion.


Whenever I approach a new job, I focus on the people who will be affected, and on their specific needs. I study, plan and size the spaces, I choose the materials and the finishes, so that when the occupants enter their new space, they can experience each detail, feeling like they’re the centre of attention, feeling special, and welcomed by all that surrounds them in a complicit relationship of style, beauty, comfort, practicality and, when needed, absolute privacy.


Every design I work on has to create a feeling of uniqueness that you get when you come in contact with something exclusive that makes you feel special, even just by looking around. I enjoy changing the way we conceive space, focussing on the welcome – regardless of the ultimate destination – offering a new relationship between the person and the environment.